Books I haven’t read yet, that I really should

Hi Guys!

So we all have those books on our shelves that it feels like EVERYONE has read but we haven’t gotten to them yet right? Personally, I have so many and that’s what I’m going to share with you today.

1. Harry Potter (books 4-7) by J K Rowling:

I have read the first three books and I’m working on the forth one now so  I’m fixing this one!! Don’t worry! (Also I watched the movies as they came out!)

2. Percy Jackson

I read the first two books in middle school but I don’t remember them so I’m currently rereading the first one!

3. Anna and the French Kiss

I feel like I’m the only one who hasn’t read this yet. But I’m planning on reading it during booktubeathon!

4. The Infernal Devices

I’m currently reading Clockwork Prince but I haven’t finished the trilogy yet.

5. The Lunar Chronicles

Again, I feel like everyone has read this! I’ll get to it soon I promise!

6. The Lux Series

I’m looking forward to reading this series!! I just haven’t picked it up yet but I will soon!

7. Eleanor and Park

I need to read this! All of my friends really love it and its definitely a must read! I also need to read fangirl because I was about 60% done with it last year and I got distracted so I’ll read that again soon!

Okay, so there are some of the books that I’m ashamed of not having read yet! I’ll be sure to get to them soon don’t worry!
Happy Reading!



4 thoughts on “Books I haven’t read yet, that I really should

  1. Analee @ Book Snacks says:

    I have yet to read Anna and the French Kiss as well! I’ve heard so much about it, I hope it doesn’t disappoint once I read it. 🙂 And as for the other books you mention, I can’t wait ’till you read them! They’re really great. ❤

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