The Infernal Devices Series Review

Title: The Infernal Devices

Author: Cassandra Clare (a.k.a Queen)

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

So, if you don’t know, this series takes place in the shadowhunter world in the 1800s and it follows Tessa Gray who came from New York to London where she becomes intertwined with a whole life she didn’t even know she had and she meets some other amazing characters.

The characters in this series (as well as the ones in Cassandra Clare’s other Shadowhunter novels) are AMAZING!!! They’re all so lovable for so many different reasons. The three main characters in this series are Will Herondale (SWOONING) who is a very witty book-lover, Jem Carstairs who is an adorable munchkin/musician and of course Tessa Gray who is also a book lover and the main protagonist of this series.

There were plot twists at every twist and turn and I couldn’t put these books down.

I loved the historical-fiction vibe I felt from this series and I also really loved the fact that it was set in London! The imagery in this series was so vivid that I could really visualize everything so clearly especially the London backdrop.

The love triangle in this series is also one of-if not the best love triangle I have ever read about. All of the characters within the triangle were so lovable that though I did know who I wanted Tessa to end up with I didn’t find myself getting mad when she had moments with the other person.

I loved that Tessa and Will both were huge literature fans and I thought that really brought a lot to the story for me because I could completely relate to them.

This series really brought a lot to the Shadowhunter world I previously knew from the Mortal Instruments and I cant believe I didn’t read it sooner.

The song I chose for this series is:

Happy Reading!


(p.s. I’ll have a review of this series going up on my booktube channel tomorrow!)


Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes: REVIEW

Title: Falling Kingdoms

Author: Morgan Rhodes

My Rating: 4.5/5

If you don’t know what this book is about pretty much all you need to know is that it has been referred to as the YA Game of Thrones because of the multiple character POVs and the politics that is laced throughout this novel.

This is the first book in an epic young adult fantasy series and I can already tell that this is going to end up being one of my favorite series!

There were so many things I loved about this book! The world building was not too overwhelming but it was very immersive and I could really see the landscapes of the different Kingdoms and villages in this novel.

There was a very interesting added element about the belief system that the characters have and I found that part of the world very interesting and I can tell it will be a major part of the future novels!

The characters were all very likable but it did take a little while for me to really love a few of them but after that I was hooked! They’re all very funny and I enjoyed reading from all of the narrators’ perspectives.

There is a hint of magic in this first book and I loved the introduction of that part of the world because I’m a sucker for anything magic related.


This book was also very fast paced! There wasn’t a momeremnberingnt where I was bored because there was always heavy amounts of action and conflict consistently throughout the novel!

The only thing that kept me from giving this book a full 5/5 stars was that the plot was a bit predictable but, that didn’t take away from my enjoyment of the book at all!

If you like fantasy or want to get into it I’d definitely recommend giving this series a try!! I know that the list of names in the beginning makes it seem very intimidating but I didn’t even refer back to the list because I had no problems remembering all of the characters.

My Song Recommendation for Falling Kingdoms is:

P.S. (Would you guys be interested in non-spoiler reviews for each book in this series or only this one?)

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T5W #2 Best Suggested Books You Loved

Hi Guys! So this weeks Top 5 Wednesday topic is books that were suggested to you that you ended up loving! You can find the goodreads group for T5W here if you want to join in! And I hope you enjoy it!

5. Maximum Ride by James Patterson



This book series was recommended to me by my 7th grade teacher and I was hesitant to read it but I ended up absolutely loving it! I want’t a fan of science fiction until I read this book. So it opened up an entirely new genre for me! It’s such a great series that I’d recommend to anyone!





4. The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey



I had heard about this book a lot from booktube and book blogs so I decided to give it a try and I ended up loving it! Even though this wasn’t necessarily recommended to me by a specific person, it still made it onto this this because it is one of my most loved book community recommendations.





3. The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout

This series was also recommended several times by a lot of the blogs and youtube channels I follow so I finally decided to see what all the hype was about and I’m so glad I did!! This is now one of my favorite series of all time and it will forever remain that way! I’m so thankful to have read this series!









2. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins



This series was recommended to me by a girl in my 6th grade class that wasn’t much of a reader and I thought that if she liked it than I had to give it a try and I remember going to the library to pick it up and I didn’t like it at first but then, once I got into it I became absolutely obsessed. I drew fan art, I made a movie trailer and I was one of those kids that wore the pin as a necklace everyday and braided my hair. Yup… But, this book started me on my fandom journey and I honestly don’t know if I would be as much of a reader as I am if that girl hadn’t recommended it to me back in 6th grade.




1. The Mortal Instruments by Cassandra Clare


NUMBER ONE ON MY LIST IS THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS BY CASSANDRA CLARE!! This series was actually recommended to me from school summer reading. I went through the list and this book sounded interesting to me so I picked it. Later I went back on my decision and I wanted to pick a shorter book because I wanted to be able to read for fun and not spend a lot of my time reading for school. But, the same day I decided not to read it, my moms boyfriend bought it for me and then I decided I should just go ahead and read it. And when I did, it took me three days of bringing the book with me everywhere and eating at the dinner table because I couldn’t put it down.

This by far is my most successful recommendation from someone else and ironically it came from school! If I had never read this book, -like the Hunger Games- I would never even have this book blog. This book started me back on reading and I’ve been obsessed with books ever since.

I hope you all enjoyed this Top 5 Wednesday! Let me know your top 5 books that you loved that were recommended to you below!

Happy Reading!



Passenger by Alexandra Bracken: REVIEW

Title: Passenger

Author: Alexandra Bracken

Pages: 486

Rating: 4/5

So, if you don’t already know what Passenger is about, it is about a girl named Etta that learns that she is a traveler, which means that she can travel through time. With this ability comes many secrets about her family and a journey that she must take through time with a pirate named Nicholas. (yes pirate! *swoon*) tumblr_ntyvz0CKbG1tkurtqo1_500

That’s all I’m going to say for the summary because I don’t want to give too much away!

This is actually my first Alexandra Bracken book and I was not disappointed!! The writing in this novel was fantastic and the characters were very well developed and their personalities translated very well through the page.

This book did take me about 100 pages to get into but once we got to the time traveling part it really took off into a very fast paced adventure!

It also took me a little while to connect to the main characters but by the end I was completely attached to both of them! And the romance was spectacular!

I heavily enjoyed the time travel aspect of this book! It was great to see not only a bunch of different times but a lot of different places as well! I would definitely recommend this book to you even if you have never read or taken an interest in time travel. It was my first time travel book and I’d definitely like to check out more books with this aspect in the future!

Overall, this was a very gripping story and I would definitely want to pick up more of Alexandra Bracken’s books as well as more books about time travel in the future!

My song choice for Passenger is:


Happy Reading!


REVIEW: Soundless by Richelle Mead

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Title: Soundless

Pages: 265

Rating: 3.25/5

I just finished this book a few minutes ago and I thought it was a very quick, fun read!

If you don’t know what this book is about, it’s basically about a girl who lives in a village at the top of a mountain where everyone is deaf and some are beginning to go blind; they have to exchange precious metals that they mine for food for the people that live on the ground and the book begins with the main character Fei, regaining her hearing.

If you enjoy Chinese culture and myth then you will most likely enjoy this novel! The setting was great and Richelle Mead’s descriptions of the world were very vivid and it was very easy to picture.

There is a romance in this novel and it wasn’t rushed at all because the characters had a previous history with each other!

The first 100 pages of this book were very slow and since it was such a short book, that was a big reason why I didn’t love it.

Another reason I wasn’t in love with this book was the characters. They’re very well developed lovely characters but since the novel was so short I didn’t find myself really caring about them until very close to the end.

I do have to say this was a very quick read despite the first 100 pages being slow and once I got past that, it was very fast paced and I really enjoyed it!

So, I would recommend this if you’re looking for a quick read!! Overall I enjoyed it though it wasn’t my favorite thing I’ve read.

Here is my song choice for Soundless: 

Happy Reading!



The Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout: Review

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Title: The Lux Series

Author: Jennifer L. Armentrout

Rating: 5/5 stars

If you don’t know what this series is about you can read the description here!  (It involves very attractive swoon-worthy aliens and a girl that happens to be a book blogger (YES) that gets tangled up with them.)

So, I started to pick up this book series a few months ago because I heard it was very addicting, and I read the first book and really liked it!! Then, later I picked up the second book in the series and after I finished that one I finished the last three books in a matter of days!

This series is fantastic and it definitely has a permanent slot on my favorite series of all time list!!

This series is so addicting and I was never bored throughout reading the whole thing! It is very fast paced and only gets faster and more intense as the series progresses!

I absolutely adore the characters in this book, they’re all flawed in some way and they’re all so addicting to read! Katy was an amazing main character! She has a book blog which, really inspired me to upload more frequently on my account! She is always swooning over her books and talking about doing reviews and I just found that part of the story so relateable! I have yet to find a book character I relate to more than Katy.


Daemon. Okay, just DAEMON. He is absolutely perfect in every way and I need him in my life.

I loved the relationships in this series, each one was beautiful and flawed and I loved both the friendships and the romantic relationships that appeared throughout this series.

There was also so much notable character development throughout this series and it was so cool to see these characters progress!

I also adored the pop culture references in this series! It was awesome that they mentioned popular television shows and book series and it just made this series so much better and even more relateable!

This was one of those series that I could not physically put down, and when I finished a book I just picked up the next one and kept going. image2

I could go on and on about this series. It made me laugh, cry, swoon and even cheer and I definitely, wholeheartedly recommend that you pick this up if you haven’t already!


And my song recommendation for this book series is: 

(Why do I always end up doing two? Whoopsie!)

Happy Reading!




Carry On by Rainbow Rowell Book Review

23734628 Title: Carry On

Author: Rainbow Rowell

My Rating: 5/5 stars

This book is full of magic, witty lines, lovable characters and much much more.

This novel is about “The Chosen One,” Simon and his adventures during his last year at Watford school of magic. It is based on Harry Potter and you definitely get the same feeling you get when reading Harry Potter while reading this novel.

It is a novel written about the fictional characters that the main character of Fangirl, Rainbow Rowell’s other novel writes about. I loved the little snippits of fanfiction about Simon and Baz that Rowell included in Fangirl and I’m so glad this book was created because I NEEDED MORE!!!

I loved every single character in this novel, even the ones I hated. I couldn’t help but love how they contributed to the story and how well developed each of them was.

The slow burning romance in this novel was absolutely amazing. I love the relationship between Simon and Baz and I think they play so well off of eachother. They are adorable and I can definitely see why Cath (from Fangirl) wrote so much about them. I would pay for another book after or before this one I loved it so much. This is definitely officially my favorite book of all time and I highly highly recommend it.

My Song Choice for Carry On is: 

Listen Here: (I had to include both of these because I couldn’t choose).